What is the difference between Counselling & Psychotherapy?


Counselling is about listening and supporting you. It helps you to talk about a problem and find a way forward that might be appropiate for you.

Psychotherapy is more long term work, focusing on more than one specific issue. It helps you to gain more insight into the areas you are struggling with. You will become more self aware as you explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours on a much deeper level.


What will happen during my first visit?


Our first meeting will be an initial appointment to find out what's going on for you, look at where you are now and explore where you want to be. We will discuss boundaries such as confidentiality and decide whether short or long term therapy is something you could benefit from at this point in time. It is more of a 'getting to know you session' and to see whether you feel comfortable in working with me.


How many sessions do you think I will need ?


It can be difficult to know straight away how many sessions you will need. However we can agree on a number of sessions to begin the therapy and you are of course free at anytime to end therapy. We will agree to meet on a weekly basis for a 50 minute session and work closely together because that's how therapy works best!